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Friday, December 4, 2009

Some DMV Sample questions for Written Test On The Web

Take the test and build ur confidence

This has lots of questions that cover the entire handbook section..Please find answers for these..

Summarising points based on the questions(Reference dmv handbook)

1.Parking at colored curbs

Painted colored curbs have the following
special parking rules:

White: Stop only long enough to pick
up or drop off passengers or mail.

Green: Park for a limited time. Look
for a sign next to the green zone or
for the time painted on the curb.

Yellow: Stop no longer than the time
posted to load or unload passengers
or freight. Drivers of noncommercial
vehicles are usually required to stay
with the vehicle.

Red: No stopping, standing, or parking.
(Buses may stop at a red zone
marked for buses.)

Blue: Parking is permitted
only for a disabled
person who displays
a placard
or disabled
person or disabled veteran license
plates. Disabled people with a placard
or special plates may park in
special areas for unlimited periods
of time, regardless of time restrictions.
No one else may park there.

crosshatched (diagonal lines) area

adjacent to a designated disabled
parking space is a no parking area

2.Illegal parking

Never park or leave your vehicle:

• Where a “No Parking” sign is

• On a marked or unmarked crosswalk,
on a sidewalk or partially
blocking a sidewalk, or in front
of a driveway.

• Within three feet of a sidewalk
ramp for disabled persons or
in front of or on a curb which
provides wheelchair access to a

• In a disabled person parking
space, unless you are disabled
and display a placard or special

• In the space next to a disabled
person parking space, if it is
painted in a crosshatched (diagonal)

• In a space designated for parking
or fueling zero-emission vehicles,
which display an identifying

• In a tunnel or on a bridge, except
where permitted by signs.

• Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
or a fire station driveway.

• On or within 7 1/2 feet of a rail-road

• Between a safety zone and the

• “Double parked.” (Parking in
the street when all legal parking
places at the curb are taken.)

• On the wrong side of the street.

• At a red curb.

• On a freeway, except:
- in an emergency, or
- when an officer or device requires
a stop, or
- where a stop is specifically

A vehicle (even
if disabled) that is stopped,
parked, or left standing on
a freeway for more than
four hours may be removed.

NOTE: If you must stop on a
, park completely off the
and stay in your vehicle
with the doors locked until help arrives.
Leave enough space for other
vehicles to pass freely. Your car
should be visible at least 200 feet
in each direction

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